Summer 2020: Ready To Ship Collection

We have been working all summer on our very first Ready to ship costume collection. Since the pandemic cancelled all competitions and performances we haven’t got any new orders. It’s been so quiet in our studio. Too quiet almost. But we saw this as a great opportunity to create something we have wanted to make happen for so long. And we really missed designing and sewing tutus. So we let our creativity flow and brought alive eleven beautiful and unique ballet costumes. Here they are Ready to ship!

This collection is called Coryphée. All costumes are designed as solo costumes and with the idea of different ballet solos. We wanted to use a lot of different colors and color combinations and each of them have something special we haven’t made before. So I can surely say all of these eleven beauties are one of a kind! We are so excited of the finished costumes and we hope they will shine on the stages soon!

Check out the Coryphée collection here!