Group Orders and Ensemble costumes

Bring your performance alive with beautifully crafted matching costumes!

Pas de deux, pas de trois, entire ballet scenes & more! We are experts in making your costumes look beautiful in group performances. We are experienced in costuming an entire theatre production of 20+ people on stage with multiple outfit changes during the show. We have also costumed Don Quixote’s dream scene, making 16 matching cupid costumes for corps de ballet, 16 peasant costumes for Coppelia and Sleeping Beauty Fairies from act I for a ballet school. We have also made 16 Balanchine costumes with a leotard base. The visualisation of your show brings it to whole another level. It is important for a performance to be costumed properly to bring out the choreography and support the personalities of the characters.

Group orders get a discount!

When you order more than one costume, you always get -5% off from the costume prices. If you would like to order several costumes for a ballet scene or school performance for example, please contact us so we can plan together what could work just for you and your budget. We will offer you a great deal with a good discount.

Group costumes are special!

Anything is possible since all of our costumes are made to order. Any features of our costume bases can be modified to fit your needs or we can also design a completely new base. If you have a wonderful idea, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pas de Deux — a Show Highlight

Pas de Deux is truly a show highlight, a moment that everyone will remember. It’s a moment on stage worth investing in to make it very special. Bring out the best in your beautiful pas de deux with a costume set that brings the characters alive, fits like a dream and gives confidence.

Let’s design your costumes together!

Do you like a costume we have made before? Would you love to have that costume together with a matching costume for your partner? That is absolutely possible! Or do you already have a costume but would like to have something matching for your partner? We are here to help you! We have worked together with many young & professional ballet dancers to design the perfect pas de deux look just for them. If you would like to have something new and unique, just let us know your ideas and we can design the costumes together!

Tutu dreams with your friends!

When you and your friend decide to order costumes together, you both get a discount of -5% from the costume prices. Let your friend know today! Orders can also be placed & shipped separately, just mention your friend’s name when ordering so we can make sure your friend has contacted us.