EVELINA – Ready To Wear – S (La Esmeralda, Paquita, Satanella)


Evelina is a very elaborate, dramatic and luxurious interpretation of La Esmeralda. Scroll down for a full description.

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Evelina is a very elaborate, dramatic and luxurious interpretation of La Esmeralda. The tutu has many many details to adore, and still possesses very mature elegance all over. The tutu also has gentle but not too insulting sparkle in it, from glass crystals and discreet black sequins hidden in the black lace of the skirt. Designed and made by Lilja Nikula in 2022.

The tutu has stunning separate velvet sleeves that hug your arm tightly and have a very romantic touch of detail from the black lace. The sleeves also have some sequins for that elegant stage sparkle. The sleeves are stretchy and there is also room for adjustment to make them bigger (or smaller) yourself by opening the seam and moving it further.

Accessorize with a hint of red and silver to bring this look even more alive (the rose and the tiara NOT included to the product!). Tip: A similar headpiece can be requested from our friends at Lilli Ballet Crowns, just contact them and let them know your wishes (@lilliballetcrowns on Instagram).

The tutu details:

  • a 10-panel bodice of stretch velvet, opens from the backside with hooks and eyes
  • 8 layers of stiff English ballet net, hand pleated and first layer beautifully double pleated for an elegant finish
  • a hooping in the skirt, can be removed to get a bell shape
  • a stretch lycra panty
  • elastic straps
  • separate stretchy sleeves

The size:

Approximately adult S.

Chest: 83-88 cm // 32.5-34.5 in.

Waist: 70-75 cm // 27.5-29.5 in.

Hip: 90-94 cm // 35.5-37 in.

Torso girth (vertical shoulder-crotch-shoulder circumference): 155-160 cm // 61-63 in.

Top skirt layer length: 42 cm // 16.5 in.

The product includes the tutu and the sleeves. Any other accessories in the pictures are not included.

Caring instructions: Do not iron nor steam the tutu skirt. This can cause the tutu to lose its stiffness. If the tutu skirt gets wrinkly during the shipment, lay it on the floor and pull the tulle ends straight. Then, leave it on the floor for a day or two and the tulle will straighten itself. Store the tutu in a tutu bag, lying flat for example under your bed. When travelling, fold the tutu twice in half (fold it upwards to sandwich the bodice inside), and put it in the luggage making sure the tulle is straight. Spot clean only.

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