Regina – Ready to Wear – Youth 14 (Adult XXS) – EUR 400

Fits the classical variations of Satanella from Carnival in Venice, Columbine from The Harlequinade, Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty and Fairy Doll from Die Puppenfee. This costume is one of a kind (only one in stock).

The Regina is a very regal pancake tutu made to fit for many different roles. Harlequinade, Satanella, Aurora or Fairy Doll? In fact, you can accessorize this tutu to fit all of them! A hat for Columbine, a feather and a choker necklace for Satanella. Aurora of course wears a tiara and Fairy Doll has a big pink bow.

A word from the designer & maker of this costume, Lilja Nikula:

“I made this tutu with the idea of a jacket that covers a gown. The ”gown” has a little bit of a gothic vibe with some romantic elements. The ”jacket” continues to the tutu plate and opens from the center, revealing the sweet drama that is going on inside. To contrast the round edges and romantic sleeves, the best option for the plate was a sharp star shape. You can actually see the tulle trough the star triangles. Of course this look needed some magic too, so I added tons of sparkly glass crystals in the skirt. What really makes this tutu a look is the tulle. The two-colored skirt continues trough all tulle layers so it’s visible in the bottom as well. I have to say, I’m super happy with the end result!”


The costume includes only the tutu. The feather and the tiara are NOT included to the product. If you’re curious, the tiara is from Lilli Ballet Crowns, an Italian ballet headpiece brand.

This tutu is a classical pancake/platter tutu which means the stiff tulle skirt stays up, forming a straight pancake shape. The tutu has six two-colored tulle layers of stiff English ballet net. The layers are hand pleated and the top layer has double pleats. There is a hooping inside the skirt. The tulle layers are tacked together with clear plastic tacks. This keeps the skirt layers in one place when you jump for example. The pull-on bodice is made of stretchy velvet (no boning and no hooks and eyes in the back). The neckline mesh insert has a pinch detail to make the line look flattering and natural. The bodice has elastic straps. The panty is made with stretchy lycra. The tutu is decorated with black and silver lace trims and glass crystal embellishments. The tutu has black off-the-shoulder sleeves made of mesh.

The Size

Approximately youth 14 (US) / 152 (EU) or adult petite XXS (height max 160 cm/5´4″). The costume is stretchy. Please check out the exact measurements below and measure yourself carefully before placing the order. If your measurements are slightly smaller/larger than below, please contact us so we can check out the fit with an adjustable mannequin.

Chest: 77 – 82 cm / 30 – 32 in

Waist: 65 – 70 cm / 25½ – 27½ in.

Hips: 77 – 83 cm / 30 – 32½ in.

Total height: 150 – 160 cm / 5′ – 5’4″

The top skirt layer is 36 cm / 14 inches long.

How to Order

Fill in the order form below. After that, we will send you a PayPal invoice to your email address for a secure payment. The shipping will be calculated based on the address information you have provided. The shipping is approximately EUR 20 inside EU and EUR 40-60 outside EU. The shipping cost will be added to the total price. If you have any questions about the product or placing the order, don’t hesitate to contact us via Please make sure to read trough our terms and conditions before placing the order.

The order processing time for this product is 1-3 business days. The shipping takes approximately 2-6 business days.

If you love this product, please make sure to place the order as soon as possible as we have only one piece in stock.

Return policy: We want to guarantee the best fit for our customers and that’s why we offer the possibility to return our ready to wear costumes. If the costume does not fit well, you can return it within fourteen days from receiving the product, when you contact us within three days from receiving the product. The shipping cost will be excluded from the refund to compensate the customs and taxes we face from the return shipment. The customer pays the return costs, however, we want to offer you a free shipping for your next order to compensate and make your shopping experience better. If your measurements are same as the listing states, you don’t have to worry about returning the product. However, if you are still concerned about the fit, we will use an adjustable mannequin to double-check all measurements. Just let us know!

Please note: the order form stays active until we have received a note of the order. If two or more people happen to fill in the order form before we notice, the product will be sold for the first customer. Other customers will be notified and offered the option for a custom made costume based on this product (custom order processing time varies from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on our availability).

Order form – Regina – Ready to Wear – Youth 14 – EUR 400 (plus shipping)

This product includes:

  • Only the tutu costume (the tiara and the feather are not included)