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 Tutu Studio Borealis is a high quality ballet costume brand from Finland. We hand craft each of our costumes from start to finish with the aim to make them unique and perfect just for you. Our tutus have been loved by dancers from all over the world.


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Why Should I Purchase A Professional Costume?

Whether you are a professional dancer, a dance student, a dancer’s parent/teacher or a grown-up dancer, a professional costume is for you if you want to have something special in your performance. A beautiful costume looks good, feels good and gives you a lot of confidence. All of that combined, you get more out of your performance.

Move freely

Our professional tutus are the highest quality and they are carefully constructed to every detail. As they are professionally engineered for movement, they are durable, comfortable and lightweight. They will look good after years and years of use and also retain their value as the styles are timelessly flattering.

Show Your Full Potential

In big competitions and performances, a good costume can make a huge difference in making you stand out. For some, the competition can be the life-changing experience. The costume can actually affect your score since it can make a difference in your first impression. Choose a costume that compliments your body and personality. In the end, ballet is an art form rather than a sport and a beautiful costume amplifies your storytelling and expression.


The Dancer’s Extra Limb: the Tutu Skirt

When you put a tutu on, it instantly becomes part of your silhouette. It’s a very noticeable element in you, like an extra limb that moves alongside your dancing, affecting your body proportions, lines and appearance. That’s why it’s extremely crucial the tulle skirt in the tutu is constructed correctly. The technique used to make the tulle layers also affects the movement of the tutu, making it stiff yet bouncy. The ideal tutu gives in a bit and moves along you, without distracting the audience from your beautiful dancing.


Beauty, Comfort and Premium Quality

The Tulle Defines the Tutu

In high quality tutus, close attention is paid to the most defining element of the tutu: the tulle. The tulle used in professional tutus is beautiful and durable ballet tulle. It is important to use tulle created especially for ballet tutus. In mass-produced tutus, the tulle often looks bulky, does not hold its shape and makes the tutu feel heavy.

We use hexagonal English ballet net that is also used at the costume departments of many big ballet companies. We handle the tulle with the right techiques we have perfected for over half a decade to make the tulle look good and stay in place. In our pancake tutus, the tulle is pleated completely by hand, making sure every single pleat looks perfect.



The Patterning Makes the Difference

The patterning is everything with tutus. Especially in the hip area, the tutu skirt may end up raising from your bottom if the patterning is not done right. That makes your posture look wrong which may affect your score in ballet competitions. This is a common problem with mass-produced tutus sold at certain big websites.

We use professionally created tutu patterns that are designed to feel and look good when you are dancing. The skirt stays where it is supposed to be and you don’t have to worry about strange wrinkles or any fit issues. Every pattern is modified to your measurements and the costume is fitted and modified with an adjustable mannequin several times during the making process.


Believe in Your Dreams!

From dreams to reality: below you can see a comparison of the final sketch of a customized piece and the finished costume. The making process includes one or more design sketches according to your wishes.



What Is Important to Know Before Purchasing a Ballet Costume?

Ordering a ballet costume is a little bit different than regular online shopping. However, we have made it very simple and easy for you! You can order customized or limited in-stock costumes directly from our webshop or you can fill in our order request form. Or you can just email us!

After placing the order or filling in the order request form, we will email you and our team will guide you trough the order and design process and provide you all the information you need. Our customized costumes are made to your exact measurements and constructed according to your color and decoration ideas.


Filling In the Order Request Form

Ordering from Our Webshop

Request an order when…

…you would like to order a customized costume.

…your timeline is tight.

…you are not sure which costume suits the best for you.

…you would like to order multiple customized costumes.

…you would like to order costumes for an entire ballet scene.

…you would like to have a pas de deux costume set.

…you have a special design in mind.

…you are not 100% sure about the purchase.

Order directly from our webshop when…

…you are ordering a ready to wear item (in-stock dancewear, costumes and accessories). Ready to wear items ship in 1-2 business days.

…you are ordering a customized costume/dancewear item and you have been in touch with us about the timeline and design.

…you are ordering a standard color made to order dancewear piece or a rehearsal tutu.

Limited Order Spots Available

Since we are a small business and hand craft each of our costumes from start to finish, we are only able to accept a limited quantity of orders. Make sure to confirm your order early to reserve your spot! We recommend contacting us at least two months before your desired delivery date. Sometimes we might have room for an expedited order as well, so don’t hesitate to ask even if your timeline is tighter.



Arrived on time and looks great! This comfortable costume was ordered for my daughter’s ballet competition season and looks great on stage. It’s well constructed and fits my daughter perfectly! All communications with seller were easy with quick response time. Would definitely order another costume from them in the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I bought these skirts for my daughter and she truly loves them ! They’re soft and follow delicately her body line without adding any extra volume.
The cut is beautiful and cleverly enhances the figures, and this is hard to find. The seller is highly professional, I recommend everyone to purchase by Tutu Studio Borealis because each of their products shows the care and love that the staff dedicates.
We’ll definitely order again ❤️

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So lovely!! The tutu is divine and the customer service spot on. Super happy with the gorgeous custom tutu and will buy here again in the future. THANK YOU!

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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