How to place an order

1. Contact us

Send the order request or contact us via email: and let us know these details:

2. We will answer you as soon as possible

We can discuss about the details and will send you our sketches or ideas about the costume. Remember that we avoid copying other designers’ designs so we aim to customize every design to be unique. After we have discussed and made an agreement about the design, we will need these information:

3. Purchase the products or receive an invoice

You can purchase the costume from this website. If your order includes discounts or other modifications, we will make the Paypal invoice and will send it to your email address. The payment will will be safe and succesful.

4. We will update you about the making progress

Make sure you check your email, we may need extra information about the details. You can contact us whenever you need and ask about your order.

5. Packing and delivery

We will pack your costumes carefully and ship them via DHL express, Posti or GLS to the address you have given. As you have received the order we would be happy to hear feedback about the fit, quality, look or anything else.