Why should I purchase a professional costume?

Whether you are a professional dancer, a dance student, a dancer’s parent/teacher or a grown-up dancer, a professional costume is for you if you want to have something special in your performance. A beautiful costume looks good, feels good and gives you a lot of confidence. All of that combined, you get more out of your performance.

Move freely

Our professional tutus are the highest quality and they are carefully constructed to every detail. As they are professionally engineered for movement, they are durable, comfortable and lightweight. They will look good after years and years of use and also retain their value as the styles are timelessly flattering.

Show your full potential

In big competitions and performances, a good costume can make a huge difference in making you stand out. For some, the competition can be the life-changing experience. The costume can actually affect your score since it can make a difference in your first impression. Choose a costume that compliments your body and personality. In the end, ballet is an art form rather than a sport and a beautiful costume amplifies your storytelling and expression.

The dancers’s extra limb; a tutu skirt

When you put a tutu on, it instantly becomes part of your silhouette. It’s a very noticeable element in you, like an extra limb that moves alongside your dancing, affecting your body proportions, lines and appearance. That’s why it’s extremely crucial the tulle skirt in the tutu is constructed correctly. The technique used to make the tulle layers also affects the movement of the tutu, making it stiff yet bouncy. The ideal tutu gives in a bit and moves along you, without distracting the audience from your beautiful dancing.

The tulle defines the tutu

In high quality tutus, close attention is paid to the most defining element of the tutu: the tulle. The tulle used in professional tutus is beautiful and durable ballet tulle. It is important to use tulle created especially for ballet tutus. In mass-produced tutus, the tulle often looks bulky, does not hold its shape and makes the tutu feel heavy.

We use hexagonal Italian ballet net that is also used at the costume departments of many big ballet companies. We handle the tulle with the right techiques we have perfected for over half a decade to make the tulle look good and stay in place. In our pancake tutus, the tulle is pleated completely by hand, making sure every single pleat looks perfect.